Kamis, 24 Januari 2013

My little-little

After waiting for a long time, a thrilling moment..
Almost every day after a missed menstrual period, I tried to check my urine with testpack.
The results there was two lines, but the bottom line is only faintly visible red.
Every time I try, the result are the same.
Various brands testpack, still same result.. but the more I checked, the bottom line more clearly visible.
Finally, two weeks after a missed period, we both decided to check to the hospital.
Got there we still had to wait for an obstetrician who still operated on a patient, and I was not allowed to pee before examined by a doctor ..
Finally I couldn't take it anymore, then I pee.. huft..
And then I was dying for a pee again, Kame asked the nurse for permission to change the doctor.
Apparently granted.. I changed the doctor and was immediately checked..
The doctor slathering my belly kind of gel,  and then the doctor put a type of camera that can see into my womb, and finally......... we all saw a small circle in my belly..
The doctor said "Okay, congratulation for both of you, the result was positive.. There is a fetus in your womb."
We were both very happy to hear it..
At the time, the age of our little was 5 weeks 4 days with a length of 1.56 cm.

Hopefully both of us can really keep this baby until he/she was born and raised with loving care..
Hopefully the baby stay healthy and happy because we were really very fond of him and look forward born safely.

Lord, bless the three of us. Amen.