Rabu, 12 Desember 2012

Waiting for Kame for Christmas holiday plans..

Morning.. ^-^
After yesterday afternoon to evening I along with aunt walking around looking for batik clothes, today when I woke up I was still a bit tired.

Today there is nothing special..
I emptied all my activities..
Today I filled my schedule with thought..
Ahahahaha.. thinking about what we will do when the Christmas holiday.

Actually I had planned this week we will go home my parents, but it turns out on Sunday December 16, 2012 date is tomorrow Shuu cousin's wedding.. So my plan had to be canceled, I ended up staying in Yogyakarta alone waiting for Shuu to go home..

Nothing to do but wait for him to come home, because I was not allowed to come to the place he was working for a small town and for sure I will be alone in the house while he was at work, whereas here there was my aunt who accompanied me the whole time waiting for him to come home.

Boring.. but what can I do..
I'm really looking forward to his return and reconstitute our Christmas holiday plans..
This was our first Christmas since we became husband and wife.. So Christmas this time would be very nice..