Minggu, 20 Maret 2011

What Are Words

Anywhere you are, I am near..
Anywhere you go, I'll be there..
Anytime you whisper my name, you'll see how every single promise I keep..
'cause what kind of guy would I be, if I was to leave when you need me most?

What are words, if you really don't mean them when you say them?
What are words, if they're only for good times then they don't?
When it's love..
Yeah, you say them out loud
Those words, they never go away..
They live on, even when we're gone........

And I know an angel was sent just for me..
And I know I'm meant to be where I am..
And I'm gonna be standing right beside her tonight..
And I'm gonna be by your side..
I would never leave when she needs me most..

I'm forever keeping my angel close..

song by Chris Medina Chris Medina - What are Words