Jumat, 04 Januari 2013

Christmas and New Year 2013

Christmas celebrations yesterday, we celebrated Christmas alone in the house. We shop groceries for the celebration and in the evening we went to church together.. Christmas celebration was truly memorable for us.. We do everything from preparations until the event together..

Then, for the celebration of the new year is very special, bad special and special for me..
Special bad because I did not celebrate complete with my father, my father was in a different city with me. In addition, we celebrate the new year without fireworks this time because it's rain outside..

Special good news because this is our first celebration of the new year as husband and wife. Despite torrential rain outside, even without the presence of father, but we can celebrate together without separated by time as ever before..

Thank God for the New Year celebrations this time, we still allowed celebrate it together, hopefully for the next year will be more fun again..