Senin, 13 Agustus 2012

If You

If You don’t give up on getting there, then you are not on the wrong road..
Even if the place you arrive at isn’t the one you were hoping, just search out the next road from there..
If You do that, you will eventually arrive without fail..
If You worry about it, think about it, eventually pick a road, and walk down it..
Then there’s no way it isn’t connected somehow to the place you are looking for..
I’ll believe that..
Even if I end up in hell, the road I’m hoping for will extend from there..

Selasa, 07 Agustus 2012

My Heart Goes Bang Bang BooM

Bang... Bang... Bang... Bang..
Kyaaaaaaaa.... \(> v <)/ my heart goes bang bang boom!!
This month is August!!
Then September, October............................................... November!!!!!! Kyaaaaa............

Soon we start a new life as a husband and a wife..

Something that we have done to prepare the wedding were:

1. Follow the course of the wedding in the parish of Cornelius
2. Looking for clothes for the bride (me) and groom (kame)
3. Follow the make-up test
4. Fitting clothes
5. Finding the necessary files for the office of civil and church

But we are still waiting for the call of canonical interview with the parish priest of Mater Dei..
And then prepare the wedding reception..

Hopefully all of our wedding preparations well until the end of the event..
And may the whole event from the ceremony until our reception were really going according to plan..
Wish us luck..

Thank you..